August 6, 2014


Jennifer Shelton, Interim Center Director and Senior Academic Coordinator

Jennifer is the Senior Academic Coordinator for INTERLINK Language Centers. She has been working with international students for over a decade. She has an M.A. in Intercultural Studies and TESOL from Wheaton College. Jennifer lived and taught in China for many years working with university students there. She has also volunteered in a community program that helps internationals learn English, and has spent the last few years supporting INTERLINK students through instruction, academic support, and cross-cultural orientation. She can’t imagine a better job. She is an ordinary person, but she gets to experience the world through her job. Jennifer loves the growth and experience, personal connection, and expanded horizons that teaching international students brings. She feels there is also a sense of humility that is continuously reinforced by working with students who are capable of such high achievement, and who constantly challenge her worldview with their own.

Donna Huchel, Administrative Assistant

Donna joined the INTERLINK staff in May of 2014. Her previous experience with health insurance companies and billing software programs has been helpful for her in handling INTERLINK finances and assisting students in understanding their health care benefits. She appreciates the attitudes the students have toward learning about American culture and the English language, and she enjoys the opportunity to be part of helping them to succeed.

Will Abercrombie, Instructor

Will began teaching at INTERLINK in January of 2014, after finishing his MA in Intercultural Studies and TESOL from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. Will’s passion for teaching English began during his undergraduate years in Auburn, Alabama, where he worked as a volunteer Adult ESL teacher to immigrants and international students from Latin America and Asia. After graduating with a BA in Psychology from Auburn University, Will moved to China to teach college-level English for 1 year. Returning to Auburn in 2011, Will continued teaching English in a variety of other contexts including workforce ESL to Korean Engineers, online tutoring to students in Korea, as well as volunteer work in IEP and Adult ESL settings. In the summer of 2013, Will traveled back to China, but this time to conduct teacher training to Chinese junior middle school English teachers. When he is not teaching, Will enjoys playing guitar, ping pong, and practicing his Mandarin Chinese.

Lisa Stodder, Instructor

Lisa has been an instructor at INTERLINK since 2007. A native of Chicago, she has an MA in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she was a writer and assistant editor for internal publications. Prior to that she taught English to adult ESL learners and TOEFL prep classes to college-bound students. Travel has taught her a lot. She was fortunate to be a frequent visitor to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as spend time in an intensive language program in the South of France. These experiences, among others, have shaped her outlook on life and influenced how she teaches in the classroom. At INTERLINK she appreciates the student diversity and the flexibility to experiment with a variety of approaches and methods. Outside of work Lisa’s interests are literature, film and tennis.

Chris Phillips, Instructor

Chris has been an instructor at INTERLINK Language Center at Valparaiso University since 2008. She has a BA in English and Psychology, an MA in English Studies and Communication, and an MA in TESOL, all from Valparaiso University. Chris was raised bilingual which led to her being interested in other languages. She has also always enjoyed learning more about other cultures. When she is not teaching, Chris enjoys spending time with her friends, reading, making jewelry, and writing. She has been writing poetry and short stories since elementary school and recently began to get some of her pieces published.

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