September 30, 2014


INTERLINK at VU is very quiet, safe, and a good place to study. It is near Chicago, so if we want to go shopping or eat at international restaurants, we can go anytime. INTERLINK has a good system: small groups and good teachers.
– Hee-Ran, Student (Korea)

INTERLINK looks like my family: everybody is very friendly, all the teachers are wonderful. I really enjoy my time here. Now I’m a little bit sad because I have to go back to Brazil.
– Fernanda, Student (Brazil)

Every INTERLINK teacher helped me in every moment to improve my English. You can feel like in your home, because it is a small family. My English skills have improved a lot.
– Claudio, Student (Argentina)

INTERLINK gives great opportunities to us who have a big motivation. The teachers are friendly and helpful.
– Kenji, Student (Japan)

I met students from all around the world. It is very interesting because in class we can speak about the culture of everyone.
– Noura, Student (Switzerland)

I enjoy studying here to learn and improve my English. I’m happy to have many international friends.
– Salah, Student (United Arab Emirates)

My experience at INTERLINK was very good because I could learn different things. For example, I could improve my English. Also, I could learn about many different cultures. Moreover, I could make a lot of friends from many different countries. Thank you for everything.
– Gustavo, Student (Argentina)

INTERLINK has strict attendance and you will get much homework. So if you want to study seriously, you will be satisfied. I like INTERLINK because we not only study in class, but we also do activities, which are visiting an elementary school, going to a museum, having a party, etc. Those activities also help to improve English. This school is small compared to other schools, so you will make friends with all students.
– Hiroko, Student (Japan)

When you come to Valparaiso you will find a quiet place to study.  If you want to study English seriously as a second language, come to INTERLINK Language Center and you’ll find the rare center to help you.
– Suhail, Student (Oman)

I can meet many friends from different countries.  That’s interesting.  I feel comfortable and excited in class, so time passes very fast.
– Emi, Student (Japan)

INTERLINK Valpo is the best place for me.  They have many exciting activities, and a really kind staff and teachers.
– Do-Hoon, Student (Korea)

My English improved very much. When I came here, I almost couldn’t speak English.
– Masa, Student (Japan)

This term was the first experience in the U.S. for me. In the first month everything was new, and I was nervous every day. After Thanksgiving break, I got to relax a little. INTERLINK has a lot of activities. Especially it was a good experience for me that we went to St. Paul School [an elementary school in Valparaiso].
– Yoshiko, Student (Japan)

I came to INTERLINK about six months ago.  When I arrived here I wasn’t able to write one paragraph in English, but now I can write an essay in three or four pages and that’s fantastic.
– Bader, Student  (United Arab Emirates)

If you come here, you can make friends from other countries and Americans.  You can learn lots of things from them.  Studies are very hard, but it’s going to be a big advantage for you in the future.
– Sono, Student (Japan)

If you are interested in studying English in America, I suggest to you to choose Valparaiso.  Why?  Life in Valpo is cheaper than the other states.  Also, when I came to America I couldn’t speak English very well, but after two months my English had improved.  INTERLINK is one of best language centers in America, if not the best.
– Sultan, Student (Oman)

Why did I choose Valpo?  It is very close to Chicago, and I heard just a few Japanese students were there, so I chose it.  Valpo is a very nice place for studying.  I really love this place, people are kind and friendly.  There is a lot of nature.  How about your place?
– Tomomi, Student (Japan)

The teachers are very professional.  They know how to give advice for good understanding.  The lessons are interesting and I enjoy coming to school very much.
– Katrina, Student (Poland)

INTERLINK at VU should be your first choice as you make the decision to learn English in the USA.
– Luciano, Student (Chile)

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