Founding director of INTERLINK at Valparaiso Retires

INTERLINK at VU staff celebrated the career and contributions of director Becky Shelton The INTERLINK at Valparaiso University community gathered together to bid farewell and honor Becky Shelton, founding director and leader of INTERLINK at VU for 25 years. A shining example of excellent leadership, diplomacy, and management as well as superb service to students,[…]

First Annual INTERfest

INTERLINK students and staff recently hosted a celebration of intercultural awesomeness. Over 160 guests toured Promenade West to enjoy international food, dance, karaoke, language and culture with amazing students from the twelve countries currently represented in our program.  For pictures of the event please visit our Facebook page.  

Publication of INTERzine, Volume One, Issue Two

Originally proposed by Romulo Arciniega Baez, INTERzine magazine is a collaboration between the staff and students of INTERLINK; its main objective is to keep as memories all the wonderful moments, great academic performances, and fun activities that take place in the students’ life every day. It´s a source to reflect on the different aspects of[…]

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