May 15, 2014

Dates & Fees


Spring I, 2018January 8 - March 9
Spring II, 2018March 19 - May 18
Summer 2018May 29 - July 27
Fall I, 2018August 13 - October 11
Fall II, 2018October 15 - December 14
Spring I, 2019January 7 - March 8
Spring II, 2019March 18 - May 17
SummerMay 28 - July 26
Fall I, 2019August 12 - October 10
Fall II, 2019October 14 - December 13

Fees (for 9-week term)*

University Fee$315
Medical Insurance$297
Totals do not include a $100 application fee, books (approximately $75/term), personal expenses, transportation or expenses for dependents (about $500/month each). Please contact the center if you have any questions.

*Students may enroll for shorter periods (4 weeks minimum) but must begin at the start of the term.  Room/board costs are prorated. Tuition is $401/week.

*The board/food cost is estimated. This is the minimum buy-in amount required for students under the age of 21 living in the residence hall. Students purchase their own meals when the university classes are not in session. Homestay cost is approximately $2100 per term and includes 16 meals per week. There is a $200 homestay placement fee and a $350 security deposit. Room cost in the residence hall for the summer term is estimated and meal plans are not available.  Food costs $15-$20 per day, depending on the number of meals and amount of food purchased. Students may prepare their own meals in the residence hall kitchens.

*Due to different room/board costs and no university fee during the summer term, the estimated summer term total is $5371.*estimated

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