May 15, 2014


Conversation Partners

INTERLINK students love to have the authentic experience of having social conversations with American students. Volunteering to be a conversation partner gives university students and people from the community a chance to be welcoming and supportive to international students studying English. It also gives volunteers the chance to learn about and befriend a person from another culture.

The goals of this casual experience include: helping an INTERLINK student improve his/her English; learning about a new culture; building awareness of world views; and possibly forming new friendships. It is important to note that being a conversation partner is not meant to be a tutoring or homework-help service.

A conversation partner agrees to meet with his/her partner at a mutually convenient time and place to talk, listen, and learn. We ask that participants be willing to meet with their partner for at least one hour, once a week for nine weeks.

If you are interested in becoming a conversation partner, please contact Donna Huchel by email,, or by phone, 219-464-5518.

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